Hull Designs and Information

Advances in Hull Design Began Here
The vast experience gained from building Air Gator Airboats in the 1970s to perfecting aluminum airboat hulls as Alumitech, Inc. in the 1980’s advanced aluminum airboat hull technology dramatically.

Superior Handling + Performance
Alumitech builds hulls for every type of airboat application.  We are know world-wide earning the reputation for quality and durability like no other.

Custom Airboat Builder
As a complete custom builder every hull is built to each each customer’s individual needs. From small pleasure boats to the largest commercial boats and everything in between.

Innovative Hulls
The models are distinguished by the way the bottom is designed.  In the early 1990s our AGI Hull design revolutionized aluminum airboat hull technology and is the most copied design among all of our competition.

AGI Hull.

AGS Hull


The Original Airgator